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Vlad Maly
Artist Statement:

I hate big statements full of big words, thus my credo is: Paint! I hope my paintings will catch the viewer's eye, make him take a second look. I want to watch him leave with a smile on his face. For I'll be smiling, too...

hPrimarily self taught Vlad studied drawing and painting from an early age - in former Czechoslovakia it was professor Skrivanek in 1955 - 1956. Further much of his success can be attributed to help and guidance of renowned Canadian and American artists. Robert E. Wood, Mike Svob, Arne Westerman, Mike O'Toole, Jean Pederson, Jack Reid or Brent Lynch were such a notable painters Vlad was lucky to be able to study with.

There are no favourite subjects - Vlad paints whatever catches his attention, whatever is the inspiration of the day or the hour, be it people, landscapes or perhaps flowers. His style evolved from a classical approach to painting into a simplified graphics-like images presented often on a black canvas.

Vlad participated in numerous juried group shows with the Federation of Canadian Artists (since 1998) as well as having successful solo exhibitions in Alberta, Austria and Czech Republic. His paintings are in many private collections in the U.S., Canada and Europe.