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CGY Barrier Lake - sold
CGY Crossing 9th Ave - sold
CGY Fall 24x30 $1,000 nofr
CGY Fall In Beskydy 16x20 $500 no frame
CGY Fish Market Warriors (Oil) 16x20,$550 nofr
CGY Isie's Ace (NFS)
CGY Isie's Mac (NFS)
CGY Launching (Oil) 16x20,$550 nofr
CGY Nakiska Red Crow, 11x14, $150 nofr
CGY New World Summer 2,11x14,$150 nofr
CGY New World Summer,11x14,$150 nofr
CGY Portofino 20x25 (Sold)
CGY Portofino Waterfront 16x20,$400 npfr
CGY Quiet Moment - sold
CGY White Hat - NFS
PRG Aspens 24x30
PRG Athabasca Glacier16x20
PRG Basilica di San Domenico 14x18

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